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Dry Cleaning Pick Up Service

dry cleaning pick up service

    dry cleaning
  • (dry cleaners) cleaners: shop where dry cleaning is done

  • Clean (a garment) with an organic solvent, without using water

  • the act of cleaning (fabrics) with a solvent other than water

  • (dry-cleaned) cleaned with chemical solvents

    pick up
  • An act of collecting a person or goods, esp. in a vehicle

  • give a passenger or a hitchhiker a lift; "We picked up a hitchhiker on the highway"

  • take and lift upward

  • take up by hand; "He picked up the book and started to read"

  • A small truck with an enclosed cab and open back

  • The reception of signals, esp. interference or noise, by electrical apparatus

  • Assistance or advice given to customers during and after the sale of goods

  • an act of help or assistance; "he did them a service"

  • An act of assistance

  • be used by; as of a utility; "The sewage plant served the neighboring communities"; "The garage served to shelter his horses"

  • The action of helping or doing work for someone

  • work done by one person or group that benefits another; "budget separately for goods and services"

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Davanala Kund

Davanala Kund

The group took several days to clean up the city's holy Davanala Kund, or pond, that has been neglected over the years. (In photo: alum Krista Thanos)

From Carl Herzig:
"The kund is now dry and was being used as a cricket field slash garbage pit. For several days, we picked up trash, separated plastics, burned paper and organics, swept, dug, shoveled, and hauled. Curious residents emerged from their homes; boys stopped mid-wicket, wondering what these crazy Westerners were doing elbow-deep in refuse. Actually, they were quite friendly and seemed both appreciative and impressed. Both the local and national (and online) news covered the story—in Hindi and English, with photos. People gave us bags and lent us better brooms, and some of the children helped pile loose bricks and deposit paan wrappers into empty cement bags. It was back-bending, thirsty work. I gave the students the meditation that in cleaning a holy place we were cleansing the impurities from our hearts, and some seemed to pick up on that."

Did you wash your hands?

Did you wash your hands?

For my Really? Seriously?!? Are you kidding me?!?!? Group.

This poster is on the inside of the door for the Ladies Room - so that we see it as we walk out.

While I do know and appreciate that clean hands are a good thing, you would think we work in health or food service or something - I work in a law firm . . .

Oh wait . . . there may be more germs and scum there than in a hospital!

dry cleaning pick up service

dry cleaning pick up service

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